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Originally posted by browneyedgreene:
Follow the crowd to a line. This will be the line for a taxi. Pay $5 for a ride to the beach. Swim, shop and eat all day till it's time to go. Then stand and wait on another taxi a the front of the shops....And go back to the ship! Perfect day in the sun!

Thanks, and Welcome to Cruise-Chat!

I'm not a big crowd follower though. I like doing things off the beaten path so to speak. I may also see if I can get a day pass from one of the resorts. I've had good luck doing this on other islands. I'd just like to do something interesting this time.

The first time I went to Freeport on a cruise ship it was a dirt/gravel parking lot with an old oil rig type thing beside it. I used to say the next time I'll stay on the ship, I figure it's time to give it another chance.

Welcome aboard,

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