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In my younger years I sailed with another company that has since gone out of business. A good singles group may only consist of 20-25 people on a ship with 2500 people. False claims by some companies or agents can turn you off to cruising, but I found it a great way to travel solo. A good singles group plans excursions and events on ship as a group, which you have a choice in attending. They also have meals together. I met many friends that I still have, visited their cities, they came to my home. As CF says it depends on your age and what you are looking for. I used to love to cruise right before Christmas, do my shopping, get a tan, and come for Christmas refreshed. But after a while I found the weather to be to iffy and the cruises filling with families earlier. Super I used to check the on photo boards for other singles and obvious groups travelling together, as opposed to families and couples, go to the late night dance parties, and create my own singles group. Your agent may have assumed every Carnival ship is filled with singles, but the cruisers change every week, who knows who is coming aboard ? You are certainly more likely to find young singles on a Carnival ship rather than a Holland American one. Try the site Cruise Fanatic reccomended. Happy Crusing !
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