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Unless you live in a major US city (such as Miami as mentioned in the prior post) you will not be able to buy Euros at a decent rate of exchange. Larger banks will get you Euros, but you will pay dearly for the money. There are some on-line companies that will also sell you Euros, but again, you will pay a premium. We have been traveling in Europe (and throughout the world) for over 40 years and have never found any need to get Euros before we leave the states. We normally obtain some Euros at our arrival airport (or cruise port) and get very good rates by simply using our ATM card. There are ATM machines everywhere in Europe (including airports) and its hard to walk more than a block without finding a machine. To use your ATM card (or debit card) you should notify your issuing bank in advance (you should also do this for any credit card you might use out of the country) and know your 4 digit PIN in numbers (there are no letters on most European ATMs). If your PIN is more than 4 digits this can be a problem for which I do not have a definitive solution.