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Originally posted by Ptur:
Hi Terri,
My aplogise, I thought from a previous post of yours that you had already arranged to get back to Rome with some other people. That's why I didn't contact you.
I only booked Stafano for the port to Rome trip last week at a cost of 120 euros.
If you come across anyone else wanting to share please let me know. Mind you we will not be in a hurry to leave the ship as we are going to the airport and the plane doesn't leave till 6pm.
Peter is the Rome-to-Airport that we have arrangements with some others to share (3 people -- I think 5 should be just about right, what with all the luggage).

Airport-to-port and port-to-Rome we have booked, but room for 2 or 3 more people to share.

Maybe some more fellow cruisers will happen upon this thread, yet!