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Originally posted by vcooley:
We are just back from our 1st cruise late last night and I was just wondering when the moving/swaying feeling goes away? All 4 of us constantly feel like we are moving even when we're sitting still on the couch....when does this go away? I didn't get sea sick but now I'm getting couch sick from this feeling!!!
Your comment interested me because I was thinking that modern ships with their excellent stabilizers don't roll like they used to. After my last cruise on the Caribbean Princess I did not feel that swaying after getting off the ship as I did years ago.

Tonight I came across this item in the Canadian Travel Advisory:

B. Mal de debarquement syndrome (MDD)

Mal de debarquement syndrome (MDD) or disembarkation sickness is a relatively rare syndrome that usually follows a sea voyage but can also occur after extended train travel or motion in a slowly revolving room. Symptoms, which occur only after the voyage, include sensations of rocking and swaying and, usually, imbalance. They can persist for a month and up to several years (mean 3.5 years). By contrast, land-sickness (postmotion vertigo) typically lasts < 48 hours(62).

MDD usually affects women between 40 and 50 years of age. The cause is uncertain. Symptoms do not respond to treatment with medication active against seasickness or dizziness. Benzodiazepines seem to be the most useful treatment, perhaps because of their vestibular suppressant action. No methods of prevention are known(2).