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Last November, we stayed at the Sleep Inn in Dania. They had free shuttle from the airport and to the cruise terminal, and free breakfast for the morning. They are literally next door to a Walgreens, so we didn't pack any of the TSA inspection busters - we just bought what we needed when we got there. There is a shopping center across the street with a grocery store, at the time an excellant Spanish/Mexican restaurant, Italian restaurant and small take out Chinese restaurant and a dollar store (which was great because I picked up some extra hangars which I then left in the cabin, AND a 20 oz plastic glass for my tea and water instead of using the little 8 oz glasses in the LIDO . . .)Because it's farther away from the pier the price was so much more reasonable than staying within the 3 mile radius . . If you're planning on staying longer than just the night before, you will probably want to find someplace closer / in town.
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