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Hi, I could sure use some help. 18 of us are going on Carnival Miracle for 8 days in April. First stop is Panama and we're thinking of taking the $179 Panama Cruise that they bus to Balboa, get on Ferry, ride through canal to Gamboa and then bus back. Is this a good tour, anyone know? Goods and Bads? I've always wanted to go through the canal, too young to take a 3 week one direction cruise.
2nd stop is Costa Rica - thinking of river rafting, worried about getting hurt in another country? Thoughts on how dangerouse Class III rapids are there? Anything to do off ship that doesn't cost much or must see things in Costa Rica. Thought about Zip line, but seems to be too much travel time, is this true?
3rd stop - Belize. We all want to snorkel. Cruise gives 3 excursions to do that. One to Truneffe Atoll, another to Goff's Caye and another one to Sergeant's Cay. We want to snorkel the reef there. Which one of these excursions would be best. They range from $52-$69. Please help us. It's a trip of with many friends and family and I don't want to let them down with bad excursions. Thanks for everything.
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