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I'm about to go on my second NCL cruise. My first cruise on the Pearl in 2007 was great and I was looking forward to my next cruise with my new sweetie.

So I contacted NCL about a cruise I was interested in on the Jewel this month. I wanted to get a mini-suite since this was going to be my sweetie's first cruise. The person on the phone said that If I book with them right now I would get a $300 credit that I could use onboard during the cruise. I said this was great, because I wouldn't have to see my travel agent and I could just take care of it now.....

Then after reserving came the email that I would only get a $100 credit. WHAT!!!

I called them back and they said that I would only get a $100 credit. This is not what I was told and after asking to speak with a manager he said that there was nothing that he could do. After I enquired further he said that he would have some one call me back the same day. I have not received that call after a week.

Has anyone here every had this Bait and Switch happen to them? Does anyone know of someone else I can contact about this? This entire incident has already soured the cruise, and we haven't even left home yet.

Thanks for your help.

Also thanks for all the good information in this forum. I have enjoyed reading the various posts here.