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Now, Princess is my favorite, as you can read in many of my posts. CCL does a great job delivering what they advertise. There are more children on board, but out of the 6 cruises we took with them, I cannot say it was any more out of control than any other cruise line that caters to families. The ships have always been clean, the food was always good, the service was always friendly and good. Since I don't have a bundle of money, when I go on a cruise, I go with Princess because they're my favorite. We did Costa last Christmas because they offered the best prices. We had a wonderful time, but am going back to Princess for my 10 day vacation. We're going on CCL for the Cruise-Chat Charity cruise next August and I know we'll have a great time. If you're going to book CCL, you need to know that what they advertise, is what you are going to receive. They don't say, escape from it all, they don't claim you'll be treated like a celebrity, they claim they're the fun ships and that they are. Maybe try RCCL, they've got the biggest ships on the ocean and have the rock climbing walls, the florider, the ice skating rinks, etc. Best wishes!