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HI! It`s our first time. Going in the begining of january. Half moon cay,Grand Turk, St. Thomas, San Juan.
1. Our cabin is on the 8th deck. Anything good about it? I`m kind of upset, but it was the best choise.
2.Any recommendations for the best place for snorkeling? St. Thomas looked good.
3. Swimming with dolphins. Has anyone done it? Is it worth money and time? Any cheaper way to do it?
4. Should we bring our own snorkeling equipment?
Can we snorkel on our own?
5. Canopy rainforest tour on San Juan. Is it a good tour, again,, is it worth time and money?
6. We are going to bring a very good camera, my boyfriend said that he`s not going to babysit it. So, my question is: is it safe to leave the camera on the beach?
7. Do we need to bring our own beach towels?