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Hi Ninny,
I was not familar with le Boreal and went to the website, the ship is fantastic can't wait to hear about this cruise, this should be over the TOP ! I am also going to Antarctic, ship is leaving out of Buenos Aires but I am going on a much larger ship with Celebrity and when cruising Elephant Island, Gerlach Straight and Paradise Bay we will not be getting off in and going ashore in Zodiaks which I think you are doing. We go to several ports in Argentina which will be summer, so we are told 80 degrees etc but when getting down towards the Cape Horn and heading out to Antarctica it could be 60's or 40's. I didn't spend alot of time on le Boreal website but you may fine much more information there. Dining looks fabulous and Resort Casual may be fine. When your in a Zodiak you may want to look at L L Bean for some light but very warm jakets and hats. It is a little bit different packing summer and some winter clothes but look were we are heading !! Well worth it ! Hope this helps a little and we are both almost there...
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