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Originally posted by robngerry:
Hellooooooooooooo: Have been off this board for awhile. Thanks so much for all the good responses. Now here is ANOTHER question: We normally carry little cash - just enough for tips on the ship, and a little extra. Since this is our first European-area cruise, if we decide to to tours on our own (not thru RCL), should we come prepared with Euros? We'll have our trusty plastic with us as well - but what works best?
Euros are the most convenient to use, but you do have the inconvenience of standing in line to buy them and to sell them if you have any left over at the end of your trip.

We just comleted a cruise with stops in five European countries (and Russia) and paid for everything with plastic and USD.

The one and only iffy situation we had was at a sidewalk cafe in Estonia. We were reluctant use .our credit card in that country so we asked if they took US dollars and the waiter said no. When we got up to leave he suddenly remembered that they do take dollars - so we enjoyed a couple of very cold beers on the town square in Talinn.

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