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I have to agree with the general sentiment regarding American Airlines and American Eagle. They were my mainstay until recent years. Now I fly Northwest mostly because Minneapolis is NWA's main facility and has been for years. They don't get four star ratings from me either but I haven't had many problems.

When we came back from San Juan on NWA in March of 2004, it was a five hour flight direct from San Juan PR and they made two beverage offerings and most of the time the FAs were sitting on their big wide backsides, (normally used to slam you in the shoulder as they walk by.) It was very warm in the plane and water would have been appreciated more often.

I complained to NWA and they apologized and gave me 3,500 miles on my worldperks.

Sun Country has impressed me and so has Air Tran. They don't have the "awe inspiring" appeal of AA but they want people's business and they go a long way in customer service.

Probably more than you wanted to hear so you got my 2 and more!