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Hi Teresa, Welcome to Cruise Chat. I agree with Penny. With your Mom's limited walking ability,your going to be limited on what shore excursions you can participate in. The Atlantis is probably your best choice-it's relitively close to the ship and there's quite a bit to do and see there. The straw market,which is basically across the street from the port is great for inexpensive gifts for the people you left home. There's a great traffic flow of people as you get off the ship, especially if there's more than 1 ship in port at the same time. My suggestion to you is,if your mom has that much problem with walking, you might want to consider bringing a wheelchair on board with you-it would make things so much easier on her and you,to get around. My mom is in the same situation with her walking. As far as luggage goes, carry on or check, thats your options. If you carry on, your bags can't be too large-they need to fit through the x-ray machines. If you check them-you won't receive your luggage until 6-8pm of your first night onboard. I've done both-it all depends on personnal preference. Have a great cruise and again, welcome to cruise chat.