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Woo hooo! Our first fellow cruisers!!!

We stil have to book our flights, but we are planning to fly out of southern California on the 11th, arriving on the 12th, so we have one night's stay to figure out before leaving for the port on the 13th. Since the flight we're looking at arrive in the late afternoon of the 12th, I thought maybe we should just stay in Civitavecchia somewhere. I figure we won't get to see much of Rome that night (we have a bit more time after the cruise for that).

Do you have your limo to the ship already arranged?

Hubby and I are late 50's, also pretty active. In Naples, we've also been talking about Pompeii and perhaps Herculaneum....Livorno, I just don't know. Florence seems a ways away, and neither hubby nor I are particularly excited about the Leaning Tower, as yet! *L*