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Hey Dcholakian,

Gee, I read your email with interest. We just got off the Star Princess (12 days Egypt and Eastern Med) the other day and I think back to the number of times we left our laptops on the desk charging, or the ipods charging, etc. Heck sometimes we actually forgot the safe open (oops, my husband not me). Or money slipped onto the floor (my teenager). Never to have anything ever stolen. And we have cruised Princess and many other lines, many many times. Thank heavens Security tracked down the thief. I know they have cameras everywhere and they must have caught the thief on camera leaving your cabin. I do not know what the contract says (the one we enter when we agree to sail) but I am sure that Princess is not responsible for theft of items (even when their employees committ the act). I have found Princess to be pretty righteous in most respects an example from our cruise on the Star. My son during the first half hour of the cruise while I was with him bought the soda card. The staff member put a sticker on the card. He then went to get himself a drink a little time later and the bar tender told him that the sticker was not valid. It was stickers used for previous cruise. My son went to the front desk and told them that he was a little embarassed in front of other people and he received a lovely letter from management on the ship telling him they apologized for the staff member putting the wrong sticker on the card and were sensitive to his embarassment and gave deducted the cost of the soda card - something like $50 from our account. The gist of the entire posting is that Princess does care about the feelings of their passengers. It is hard to imagine them not acknowlegding in some shape or form the fact that an employee of theirs was caught with your laptop in his / her possession and not at least treat you to dinner or a bottle of wine for your anxiety. We have always been treated very fairly for whatever issue we may have had with Princess onboard ships in the past. Hopefully, you will give them another shot.