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In the day time you're alright.The Dade/Broward line is about NW 215 ST. The first 7 miles are okay then it goes downhill. I believe the port is about 13 miles from the Dade/Broward line. The problem with that last 6 miles is if you get off sometimes it's hard to find where you get back on and you get further lost just trying to get back on. You can tell on 95 just by looking what areas aren't to good. If it looks residential you don't want to get off if you see stores/gas station it's better. My husband is a fire fighter down there (not in this area) he wasn't sure if there is a direct 95 to Biscayne Blvd exit. The Biscayne Blvd is a bridge that takes you to the port. RCI is out of Miami and I'm sure they can give you very specific directions off 95 because , like I said the interstate signs can be confusing and you need to try not to get off those 6 miles.
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