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Hi Albany Couple:

My suggestion, take the train! I live outside Philly and we sailed the Dawn in March of 04. The train is the way to go. Penn Station is about a 5 minute cab ride to the pier. When we arrived (at the pier) the traffic was so bad I just told the cabbie to stop and let us out. We walked about a block and a half and got right in the elevator. (Helps to have wheeled luggage!) We also walked right past the ship so we had some great early photo ops.

We were on a 7 day so the train fare was about comparable to the parking fees. I would imagine you'd save money on a 10 day cruise by taking the train.

That's my suggestion, for what it's worth. No matter how you go, arrive early, they started boarding us around 11 or so and it was great. We were on board before noon and just walked around exploring watching everyone who was arriving late just lining up. The Venetian was open so we went in and had lunch and watched the boats go by on the Hudson. Very cool!

No matter what, you'll have a fabulous time. The Dawn is a wonderful ship and you'll never be at a loss for something to do. My favorite days were the "sea" days. Just to relax and not think...that's the best. Try Le Bistro if you're planning any specialty restaurants. Just to sit among all that original art was something. Plus, service and food were fantastic. The only specialty we didn't try was Cagney's as we figured we could get a steak anywhere in the ship, what was the point.

That's my two-bits, have a great time!


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