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Originally posted by "P":
Do Carnival cruises offer Shrimp, Crablegs, and lobster on their buffets or would you have to pay extra to get seafood?
Buffets may have shrimp but only as part of a recipe or perhaps fried shrimp. You won't find piles of boiled shrimp for example. And you will not see lobster or crab at a buffet. Actually I don't recall ever seeing crab legs on a Carnival cruise.

Carnival has many creative names for the shrimp in the dining room.....they throw the words "tiger", "prawn", and "shrimp" around quite in tiger prawns and tiger shrimp....although they look the same...and it seems to be offered in one way or another every night. One formal night will have the lobster but it is not fresh - they use frozen lobster tails (as do most cruise lines). Growing up near fresh lobster, I have never really cared for the cruise ship variety and as CruiseDad notes I will get the steak. And of course you can get both if you wish.