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Ok here it is all, my little review of CArnival Victory and these are posts that I've posted from other topics so you may have read them before. If anyone has a question about the ship please don't hesitate to reply and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

Can't wait to get back on that shipand I finally have my earth legs back today. Took two days! Anyone ever experience this before? Feel like the ground is shaking? I felt it until late lastnight and I got off the ship Sunday October 29th.

Alcohol: $360.27
Casino: $61.80
Shore Tour: $382.00 (2 people x 3 shore tours)
Mandatory tipping: $160.00
Transfers: $56.00
Portraits: $89.93
Giftshop: $81.80 (5 bottles of alcohol to bring home and other things)
Candyshop: $8.20
Internet: $136.45
Wine: $28.75
In Room Movie: $8.99
Golf shirt at Golf shop: $50.00

Total $1424.19 and all money well spent.

Hi Doulabug,

Extremely tired but I thought I should talk about Carnival to you a bit before going to bed. Just getting in tonight from the 8 day cruise which did go to Cozumel. We took the Jeep, Ruins, snorkelling tour which was a great bang for our buck and got to drive our own jeep! So Kewl! The guide took us out into the ocean where we saw a baracuda, stingray, moray eel, and a Parrot Fish, and sea turtles. Amongst many other beautiful fish. What a day! Docking at Cozumel was absolutely wonderful and no problem at all! We were also there with another boat. I believe it was the Valor (I was slightly intoxicated when I got back..... the Mexican gents who gave me shots of tequila didn't tell me that its way over canadian liquor content regulations (40%) People were all great there also. No problems shopping.

Onto the boat. If you cannot find food you like then there is something WRONG. Yes I admit when you eat in the dining room your food is served like the highest class 5 star restaurant (I had prawns for a starter and the presentation was like a palm tree) the Chateaubriand was to die for, and if your steak comes the way you didn't ask for, it will be whisked away and another one promptly brought for you. Also, you can ask for more food when still hungry. I personally have always found in eating at a typical restaurant like that style of dining, you don't leave full, you leave satisfied and almost BROKe because that dinner for you and your spouse just cost you 500 dollars! here, you can ask for more and more if you arent full. What Dale and I did was hit the Pizza bar at about 11pm or later for a snack. Try the Napolitana Pizza. TO DIE FOR if you like olives. Breakfast was a huge buffet (Thats where I ate and they had EVERYTHING) or you could go to the sit down restaurant and when I went there, I had Eggs Benedict and Baked Apples. A friend of mine had the smoked salmon on some sort of break. Dinners consisted of such entrees as Jumbo Shrimp, ChateauBriand, roast turkey, Grouper, shark, lobster etc. the Presentation was absolutely FABU! ok onto the entertainment. IT WAS GREAT! Of course we were in the party area most times being young (37 and 34) that was in the middle of the ship. We did venture back to the pool at the back of the ship and it was much quieter! Lots of bars to drink at, we would sip on a Baileys Irish Cream after dinner in a jazz lounge. Internet cafe was 50 for 100 minutes and 100 for 250 minutes. There were two days that offered happy hour there (Half price minutes) but you do have to give your receipt to the internet cafe manager and by the time you walk to your cabin, its posted onto your folio. the mandatory tipping was well worth it and we did tip our Stateroom Steward more money. They are in to your room twice a day for a full cleaning job. The waiters in the dining room remembered exactly what type of tea I like and brought it to me after dinner. I didn't have one rude waiter or person employeed with Carnival on the ship I was on. You also have to remember, maybe they are having a bad day too? It happens. People complained on my ship that the portraits were too expensive yet I reminded people when I heard that, these photographers are not charging sitting fees, and the pictures are truly professionally done. I paid 20 for an 8x10 and my church portraits were 40 a pic. Beer (Hubby drank Coors Light) 4 in a bucket for 13 plus a gratuity 1.23 my drinks (Drink of the day (6.95) but refills were only 5.99 not bad. Remember if you are a soda drinker that you can carry on a few cans of pop, or buy them at port when you go back. Bring your own wine if you so choose. Did I mention the beds? The most comfortable I've ever slept on. I did pull off the covers, and check all through the cracks where bedbugs can hide. I knew exactly what to look for and didn't find one thing wrong. Now, there were a few people ill on the ship but when you are drinking and filling your face with food all the time its absolutely possible that you've overate, and just aren't feeling well. The only complaint I had was when I got off the ship, it felt as though the earth was QUAKING!! I had my Sea Legs on. Its just tonight that the WAVE feeling has left me and I got off the ship yesterday morning. Debarking was a breeze though. We got our luggage off ourselves (Self Assist) I called it and it was a bit of a wait at the elevator, but not a big deal. Carnival rushes you on, everything is well done in my mind, and I'd recommend Carnival cruise lines to ANYONE! Oh yeah, I brought WAY too many clothes but it was my first carnival cruise as an adult and didn't know what to pack. Please remember there are laundry services on most floors and you an do your own laundry if you so choose. There is every style of music in the lounges, quiet areas to play games and a library to read if you so choose. Hmmm what else can I add before I go to bed...... Well thats about it for now. Go on your cruise, have a great time. Oh one more thing..... We were on the 8 day cruise. People said the longer the cruise the older the crowd gets. We are in our 30's and we hung out with people from their 20's up to the 80's the boat was pretty much a mix of kids (240 of them at Camp Carnival) and the rest 20's to late 80s. A great mix of people and EVERYONE was wonderful to meet and speak with. One woman who I had Breakie with on the last day was over 80 and she was in spirit younger than me. Wonderful woman. I truly cannot say one bad or even slightly negative thing about the Victory. By the way, prices were reasonable for shirts etc. Jewellery though was pricy. I purchased a pair of earrings for my mother in law in Ontario at a local jeweller which were 14 Karat gold for 50 canadian..... On the ship the EXACT same earrings were offered in the same box for 160 american with 50% off. BUT the duty free shop was cheappie! I came back to Canada with 8 bottle of liquor and here it would have cost me 300 on the ship it cost me 70 american. WHAT A GREAT DAY! my liquor cabinet is stocked for Christmas now! WOOHOO The waiting staff also knew my name after only 1 day and remembered everything about me for the rest of the cruise. Rooms service is also FREE! We ordered veggie platters and cheese platters before every meal in our room while sipping a pre dinner drink.

Go and have a great time and you be the judge. I personally can't figure out why people write bad reviews on Carnival.

Any more questions, please dont hesitate! And bring as much clothing as you want, luggage I stored under the bed and clothing all fit into the ample closet space!