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Hi Bev,

I was looking at the list of shore excursions that Carnival has and while there were no prices posted I understand a lot of the good ones are quite expensive. I am sure Pompeii and Amalfi coast would be prohibitive. I found one tour company on the internet that does this trip from Naples and obviously the more people you get the cheaper the price would be per couple.The price for 4 people was 600 Euros including a guide in Pompeii and 6 people was only 650 Euros.Maybe we can find another couple who is taking the cruise and want to join us.. Company was called Benvenuto Exlusive Chauffers. I will keep looking as well for more tours companys. Maybe to save a bit of money we could take the train from the ship and do Pompeii on our own and then hire a car for the Amalfi coast. Just a thought, Hanks seems to think it is doeable. One shore excursion we may book with Carnival is the Leaning Tower of Pisa where you can go inside the tower as I understand it is difficult to get tickets to do this. Unless we can find a private tour as well to take this trip. Are you interested? I wonder if Hank knows where to get tickets? Anyway I will keep pluggin away on the internet as well and see what I come up with in regard to other tours. This will be only the second cruise for my wife and I. the first one was to the Caribbean 15 years ago so we are really looking forward to cruising again. As a matter of fact we were booked to take this exact cruise on Carnival Liberty last month to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary but had to cancel because of sickness in the family.Oh well better late than never.Talk to you soon, keep me posted.

Jim and Barb