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I went on that trip in July will leave from the cruise ship terminal on the West side, near the Intrepid. Pkg garage is right next...$24 per day in CASH. Go around 11 or 12 and you should be on the ship early...although you prob sail at 4 or 5 pm...they let you on the ship. Bring a day bag with you so you can put on your suit and hit the pool while everyone is still boarding in the afternoon...the rest of your bags will arrive at your cabin later.

Weather is indeed a bit cool on this trip. Make sure you have a couple of sweatshirts...we were in jeans and sweatshirts on the pool deck in the afternoon a few times.

In Halifax, the bus tour around is cool. Brings you to a fort with bagpipers, etc. If you're on the 5-night, you'll stop in New Brunswick to walk around and shop.

Make the most of the activities on the ship...LOTS to do...karaoke, shows, casino, etc. The Red and Black Seas lounge is cool...looks like classic Star Trek decor.

Check the message boards and look for a Roll Call for your sailing, or start one. You can "meet" people before you go. Happy Sailing!