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I was returning from my cruise in Sept by plane. I went straight to the baggage pick up and waited for my luggage to come thru the turnstyle. I saw it come out onto the turnstyle (I knew it was mine because I always tie a colorful ribbon on it for easy identification) I was at the end of the turn style as I was in as big hurry as some people were. Well low and behold this man down from reached over and picked up my bag while I watched him my first thought was oh what a gentleman, BUT he grabbed it and headed to the door, I was stunned at first then I had to run after him yelling sir sir that is my luggage. He finally stopped because i was yelling and gave it back to me, then he took off running. He was trying to steal my luggage. I knew he didnt make a mistake because my colorful ribbon was still on it. So people always head straight down to the baggage pickup or you might end up headed for your cruise or coming home without your clothes, shoes, makeup, EVERYTHING...MACMOM