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Originally posted by atlantic109:
The article actually says that to refurb would cost $500 million - more than the cost of a new build, i.e $500 million is more than the average cost of a new build and not that the SSUS would cost the price of a new build plus another $500 million. This is quite clear when you read the article.
I placed quotation marks because that sentence was a direct copy and paste from the article.
I don't think it is open to interruption.

I also believe $1 billion is much too high. I also believe $500 million is too high if the main propulsion boilers and turbines aren't replaced. I believe $500 million could be correct if the main propulsion boilers and turbines were replaced. But that's my opinion.

But that's not how that sentence reads, at least to me. It reads and means twice the price of a new ship.
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