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Platinum Cruiser - Welcome aboard to Cruise-Chat.Com which I like to think of as THE place to be when you are "on the beach" and 'tween cruises!

That being said I'll say - you sure do know how to make an entrance!!! This is one of the saddest stories I've heard in a long time and one that should command both the cruiselines utmost attention as well as that of your TA!! Your travel agent should not drop the ball in assisting you (Not to mention that Princess should be at the very lest bending over backwards to come up with an equitable resolution!)

If you did not have cruise insurance coverage and in view of the time which has elapsed I would say it is time to consult members of the legal profession in your area. Despite wording in the contract to the contrary - you retain right of legal redress and right to recompense.

"Nuff talk - time to pull out the big irons!!

Welcome Aboard and Best of Luck!