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I can only tell you that food is an subjective thing. What didn't you like about the food? Sometimes people say "the french fries were bad". Who goes on a cruise to eat french fries??? Sometimes people say "that food was wierd...all i wanted was fried chicken with mashed potatoes". To that person I say, "Why did you go on a cruise in the first place? Why not hit the Colonel!". I've been on CCL 5 times! And every time the food was outstanding! Is it gourmet food? No, but Carnival never claims it is! It's food prepared in different ways than you'd normally have it...things to try. As for kids, Carnival is a family cruise line so you're going to see kids. But they DO have a rule that they enforce that kids must be with their parents. Is there ,lots going on...YES! If you want a quiet ship with not alot of things happening...try Holland America. And be prepared to be bored silly! Carnival is fun...bottom line. Gee, maybe thats why they call them the fun ships!!