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Originally posted by tompands:
I just booked my 3rd cruise with Carnival and I really don't see where the fares are getting cheaper. Our last cruise, during the Past Guest Cocktail Party, the Activities Director stated that the more you cruise , the lower the fares go. I get Military discounts and past guest discounts but it seems like theres no discount at all. I've gone in and priced cruises as a first time cruiser and there's like a $10 difference. Do you old salts go thru Carnival or a travel agent. Carnival agents say nobody can be lower than them but some peple say they still go thru travel agents-I'm confused. All you 20 and 30 some cruise people-tell me how to do it-Thanks

Tom, I just booked my first cruise under the military discount and it was a good bargin compared to regular fare as posted on the Carnival site. Past cruises were as Past Guest Rate and I think we got upgrades vs discount. We paid for Cat 8A and were in a 8C Cabin.
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