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For those of you who would love to see the following ships preserved for future generations, I certainly hope that some of their respected fans would establish the following foundations early on so that the situation that surrounds the SS Norway is not repeated, and to raise awareness to restore and preserve these fine ships in by way of the SS Rotterdams' example:

'Save the SS KUNGSHOLM(Oceanic II, Mona Lisa) ' Foundation(Sweden)

'Save the SS Empress of Britain(The Topez)' Foundation

'Save the MV Augustus' Foundation(Italy)

'Save the SS Oceanic' Foundation(Italy)

'Save the SS Olympia(Regal Empress)' Foundation(Greece)

'Save the SS VISTAJORD(Saga Ruby)' Foundation(Norway)

'Save the QE2' Foundation (England)

The time to save these ships is now. Not when the vessels are on the market. Will anyone step up to the challenge and spread the word? I would love to hear your thoughts about creating a Foundation in these ships' honor. If such a plan was in place, the SS Canberra would still be with us today as a floating hotel, instead of a pile of memories. Let us use this time to draw up support for the ships mentioned while they are still in service.
Dan Lague