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Hi teresak1957, welcome to Cruise-Chat. You're about the embark on a wonderful adventure. I always suggest visiting the Atlantis on Paradise Island (across the bridge from where you dock). There's a public beach adjacent to the Atlantis. Take a cab over, the water taxi is less expensive but they cram way too many people on to be safe. The cab fare isn't that much any way. I enjoyed the queen's staircase and the straw market, but others don't. The Atlantis seems to please everyone. If you're using Carnival's transportation, they will take care of your luggage. If you're doing it on your own, there are porters at the dock that will take it. If you have carry-on only luggage, just take it with you. They will run it through a scanner before you board. You will have a wonderful time, so just relax and enjoy! Once again, welcome aboard.