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We haven't sailed on MSC, but would assume it would be like all the other cruise lines. You have a main dining room or a buffet to choose from. They may also have a specialty restaurant or two. They may also have a pizzeria. They should have a grill out by the pool. The main dining area has linen table clothes, china, silverware, and a more formal atmosphere. You are presented a menu with selections for appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees. The buffet is a buffet, salads, cold cuts, hot entrees, soups, breads, deserts, drinks. The grill is usually hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and sausages. The pizzeria will have different types of pizza. They may have a frozen gelato machine. The drink stands will have the free drinks available, usually coffee, tea, some type of punch (breakfast will have juices). Your children should be able to find plenty on board to eat.