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Mike - You should watch it, it gets addicting. The only full season that I didn't see was done in Australia, but I have the CDs for that series, just haven't had time to watch it.

Macmom - I love the Amazing Race as well. I haven't seen any previews for it though, I hope its coming back. I wished Rob and Amber would have won the race when they ran it though. I agree with Chicken, I think he would have been an asset if they would have listened to him in the first place. He knew not to build their shelter right out in the open, duh people it does rain!

Jim C - Yeah you are right about her being bossy, but good grief, no one wanted to see to start anything. You are so right, I think they have a bunch of lazy people this year. I am also kind of pulling for the young kid too, just because of his age.