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We booked a cat GG guarantee on the Emerald. I see that that catagory as well as the next (Balcony) is waitlisted.
Herbert, I think you've gotten wrong info or are confused about the categories as well. A GG is a fully obstructed cabin, directly behind a lifeboat. The next higher Cat is F, also a fully obstructed window not a balcony. In fact the balconies begin a full 8 categories above what you've booked.

Cat G-E obstructed view
Cat EE-C unobstructed window
Cat BG-BA balcony

Hopefully you'll get an upgrade by going with a Guar assignment. They do typically sell far more Guar's on the promos than they have obstructed cabins. But don't expect to be moved up to a balcony from an obstructed view window. You'll be setting your expectations a little too high.

Cheers, Neil