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Hi pink845; keep in mind those are just my personal favorites; many people would rather be more centrally located at midship; or even forward. In fact my favorite mini suites on Island Princess and Coral Princess are up on Baja Deck and all the way forward. I like the aft because that's where I spend most of my time: The Horizon Court, Terrace pool, Outrigger Bar, Traditional Dinig Room, Skywalker's and Vista Lounge (or Club Fusion) are all aft.

Another thing to keep in mind: on those aft balconies, when at sea, you will hear a mild roar from the churn; the lower you are the more noticeable it will be. Now I happen to love that sound--I even leave the balcony door open at night so I can hear it--but not everybody does. What you won't have is vibration and noise from the engines--a common misconception.