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Most of us have been cruising for years. Yes, the food has gone down from years ago, however, the cruise prices have not risen. There are cruise lines that do offer "higher" end cuisine, but they have higher end prices, too. Most of the mainstream cruise lines have excellent food. They have limited the selections, which I think is a good thing. There used to be a dozen different entrees, appetizers, salads, soups, deserts, and I'm sure there was a lot of waste because of that. They've eliminated the midnight buffets, which I know there was a ton of waste from those. I actually think that these are positive moves to keep the costs down.

They have jacked up the prices of drinks, but that's to be expected. The cost of everything has increased.

Svein's comments were spot on. You get what you pay for. If you expect service you would receive on a private yacht for $250/pp, you're out of your mind. I was watching Mega Yachts on the travel channel, and it was something like $35,000/day to rent one.

I agree with Dave and Dr. L, the article was extremely jaded. A cruise is the best value.