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I am going to attempt to explain this again.

Debit Card = Available funds in a bank account.

Credit Card = Amount of credit available.

A Hold is a reserved amount that is placed on the account regardless if is a Debit or Credit Card.

5-8 Day Cruises is $200, they will increase this Hold if you go over the original hold with your account.

They do not "freeze" anyone's account. If you use a Debit card with a Bank Account with $350 in funds and they end with a $400 Hold then will not work untill the account is settled.

Let's say as a hypothetical I have $1500 available credit on a Credit Card. Carnival puts a Hold for $200, then increases to $400 when they see I am running up my tab. My Card would still work any where I went.

If someones Debit did not work after the Hold was placed it means they did not have enough funds available in their bank account to cover the Hold amount.