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Hi there.

Victory is a wonderful ship and HUGE!!!. There is a midnight buffet and from 11 until about 11:45 you are able to come and take pics. The the feeding frenzy begins.

We are avid golfers. Definitely hit the proshop there which is right in the Ionian Lounge. The golf pro is there and he will let you hit a few test balls, give you what you need to work on and then you pay. It wasn't bad. I believe somewhere around 55 bux gets you a half hour with this pro. Also he does some excursions to land where you go with him golfing! I think he was super nice. Also, I bought a Nike ladies gold shirt which said "Carnival Golf" and it was 50 american. Reasonable I think. The golfing on board is a simulator. There is also a golfing net outside. Take in a few golfing excursions while on land and you will find out about them from the Pro in the shop.

Enjoy! Any more questions about Victory, I'm so glad to answer! Oh yeah, food is around the clock there 24-7...... if you can't find any buffet open, go to the 24 hour pizza bar Absolutely FABU! Best pizza I've ever had. He will also make you one and you can take it to your room. The room service is amazing! We ordered veggies and dip every day and caesar salad every day and also Grilled Chicken Caesar salad every day. Sandwiches are great too and SO quick. I barely got the phone hung up and the waiter was at my door! FREE OF CHARGE! Although I did tip him a customary 1 dollar per plate.