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Thanks, billybuzzy, you are going to LOVE her. She is one of the smoothest sailing ships I've been on. And I loved the Spice H20 Zone.

Cruise Fanatic, I agree. In fact, I really like the concept of the bathroom. The curtain just didn't keep the steam in like the door does, so it was nippy for me getting out of the shower. BUT, I know I'm overly sensitive to the cold. It was so nice to be able to shower while Ron was keeping the other sections busy. The sink design actually kept the water off of the floor. I always dripped water coming out of the shower, even though I tried my best to hit the bath mat It definitely was not a show stopper and it was only a few drops. I know I'm weird, but I try to keep the cabin as clean as I can for the steward.

Berick1234, I'm sorry you won't give her a try. You really don't see the outside until you're in port and the inside of the ship is magnificent. When I'd go outside to walk (deck 7) you actually just saw the lifeboats and the water. Truthfully, by the end of the cruise, she didn't look that strange to me. I just wish I had been on a back to back because there are so many areas of the ship that I didn't get to spend a great deal of time in. I tried to hit as many places as possible, but just ran out of hours.