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Personally I wouldn't beleive a word from Star Cruises/NCL. In fact I would be more concerned.

The good news is that the US is not owned by Star/NCL, she is still owned by the Cantor Estate. All NCL have is a promissary note, so theres no chance of the vessel being sent to Alang.

I really hope that the 'Big U' is not refurbished by NCL. I can imagine the 'damage' they will cause the vessel, half her engines will have to go in the name of 'fuel economy', her superstructure will be deformed, as was the Norway.

She'll probably have Miami Art Deco revivial interiors that will look cheap and nasty.

I think that the best for the ship is for use in a stationary role. I would prefer a big hotel chain to get her, restore her exterior and convert the rest of her in to a 5 star hotel with all the mod cons. The interior of the ship has gone, so this would not affect the integrity of the vessel. I can imagine her in New York fulfilling this role.

Shes an old girl, and with NCL's record I wouldn't trust them one bit.

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