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News on the DELTA QUEEN:

On Tuesday, Oct 16th, Rep. Steve Chabot has introduced a stand alone bill to save the Delta Queen. The bill is co-sponsored by 11 other Representatives. For further information check

where you can also find the bill number.

What we now need are letters to your local Senators and Representatives to ask them to support the DELTA QUEEN and this bill to grant another exemption. For those living in CA: The DELTA QUEEN and her sister ship DELTA KING were originally built for the Sacramento River and ran between Sacramento and San Francisco as overnight ferry boats. The DELTA KING is now serving as a floating hotel in Sacramento (but not able to move anymore).

If you´re writing a letter a copy to Rep. Chabot´s office (129 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20215) is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your support!

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