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When we went Carnival, we carried our bags off. it was the only bad part of the trip. There was a mass of people on the fllor you go out on. No one in charg was there....people were shouting- is this the early airline line? No one knew what was going on.

When on RC this spring they didn't give us that option and we had an early flight. It was very organized. Staff telling people where they were allowed to congregate. etc. There was a mean lookng lady at the centrum that was very nic but kept control over who piled into the exit area. When our tag was called we just walked off the ship our bags were on a conveyor belt immediately- we had put bright orange and yellow polkadot ribbon on them and it saved us multiple times. - And if I recall we were in the rental car before 8:30. next time I'd lke to book a later flight and hang out at breakfast a little longer. I hate the hectic mornings.

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