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Hi kmathi, Costa does indeed have water and tea dispensers. There were some outside of the buffet, but I can't remember if that was the same deck as the pool. There was also either lemonade or punch. Coffee, Tea, and water are definitely provided with dinner. There is also a free gelato machine. In fact, they have as much, if not more, in the way of food offerings. Especially if the do the tour of the countries at night. They will give you a passport, then set up stations at various venues for you to sample the food and the wine of the region. They have munchies during the early evening at their bars. They didn't have an afternoon tea, but did have munchies at the buffet area. They have pizza/pasta stations, too. There were ice buckets in the room w/bottled water (for a price) and sodas (for a price). They have drinks of the day. About the only major difference is that all announcements are made in 5 languages and English is not the main language. There are 2 formal nights and 1 toga night (the last night). I hope you have as much fun as we do on Costa. They're different, but fantastic in their own way. I think you'll find the cabins are larger than on a lot of other lines. Now, before I get in trouble with some on the board, the cabins appear to be larger and this could be the way they're laid out, but they seem to be larger to me.