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Cruise Fanatic Moderator- Thank you for your advice as it was well recieved. It appears as though you have a weath of experience in the travel industry and I appreciate you feedback very much!


Sorry to hear you were "troubled" by my statement. Certainly did not intend to cause you any distress over my interest in working in the travel industry part time.

Cruising is my passion and I enjoy helping others(Friends & Family) book their cruises. I enjoy learning about new ships, itineraries, activities,etc. Why shouldn't I represent the cruise industry well in my free time and help others discover the joy in cruising? I'm not looking to take anything away from those who work full time in this exciting industry. I'm not looking to get rich! Just looking to expand on my passion and make it a hobbie.

Passing judgement and implying my attitude is "cavalier" was immature. Re-read my post and you will discover that I never said that cruising isn't a "demanding occupation". In fact, my mother owned a travel agency for many years (1986-1995) giving me full perspective on how competitive and challenging the industry is. My post was only intended to get feedback on how passengers are booking their cruises so I can make an educated decision to purchase/or not purchase a franchise.

Thanks- Louis