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I would also look at the cruiseline website,they offer specials...also, if I see on online travel agency price,will call the cruiseline toll free number and ask if they will match it...most do..
Also, check sites like for your own airfare..often less that what is offered by cruise or online travel you will then deal with airline directly and know FOR SURE you indeed are booked,,,I always check the online travel website and find what city they are based out of and search the Better Business ratings ...often MANY complaints.....many swear by these sites, but Im always wary,,,if site shuts down,many do, what do you do??
As for ship, whatever itinerary you like best should determine,I think ships pretty much the same...we took our first Alaska cruise in our 30 s and had a great time,no matter the other passengers onboard,esp..on your honeymoon..congats....