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I had a person in my "roll call" group do this for 5 cabins (I didn't know she was in our group at the time). I happened to be in line behind her, I guess I jinxed myself by mentioning that on here. My only complaint was that she held up the concierge line for over 20 minutes. She could have went through the regular line with 3-4 pursers. Then after she got all the cabins re-assigned and re-keyed, she pulled out a book to have the OBC's re-assigned. Sweet Justice! The purser told her the OBC's follow the person, not the cabin.

I'm not going to judge anyone for doing this. I will say it was very rude and self centered to hold up the single VIP Concierge line while she did this. All of us that were in line that had earned this privilege were denied express service because of her selfish act.

Here's some good news for Military people to legitimately pass along savings for others. Carnival has a promotion to book up to 3 cabins for friends and family throughout November. It is good for a wide range of 3-12 day departures through Dec. 31, 2009. Just wanted to pass this along.

Maureen, don't worry about it and go to the purser's desk, and they will fix it. Just don't hold up the Concierge Club line.