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Looks great, you'll love Key West, too. It's a great town to just walk around. You can take the conch train tour and get an over view of where you'd like to visit. Visit Mallory Square and take a walk down Duvall Street. If you like key lime pie, visit the Blond Giraffe. It's about 2 blocks off of Duvall, the best key lime pie I've tasted. Their key lime cookies are great, too! There are a few museums that are really interesting, and lots of bars. Smather's beach is about the only beach there, nothing like the Caribean beaches, but it's a nice beach. I doubt you'd have time to get to the Tortugas, but there's fantastic diving and snorkeling there. You'll be on your way really soon, and the Fascination is a great ship. Make sure to try the Chocolate Melting Cake, yummy!