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We just came off Radiance 14 day Panama Cruise and had a blast!!
Our room attendant gave us 2 buckets of ice every day so we could have cold water that way. We filled our bottles with it when going ashore.
We don't drink alcohol, but our travel agent was cruising with us and they like their evening drink on the balcony, so they did buy a small fresh bottle on shore at every port. Even going through the detector, they weren't stopped from bringing it on. Maybe because it was small.
There is so many FREE things to do. Not enough time in the day to take it all in really!
When we were hungry, we ate, depending on the time of day as to where it was served. If we weren't hungry, we usually ended up ordering late night room service. A 2 dollar tip was worth it. Early breakfast room service had a dual purpose....they called when they were bringing it, so that was our alarm to get up on the days we needed to be on schedule for port excursions.
And its so easy to rally up a person to take a photo of us in our nice evening attire. And we would in turn, take a picture for them.
I know some may frown at this next advice....we only ate in the dinig room 7 days out of 14, so only tipped for those 7 days. But, we did give our room attendant 30 dollars above suggested tip because she really did give above and beyond service for us. We bought her a "beach monkey" from the ship store too. Just remember to let front-desk know you are personally doing the envelope tipping instead of automatic tipping from your account. That way you have control of your spending.
We ended up coming home with money, so guess what we did...booked another cruise for this September AND next April!!!
You may suprise yourself....I guarantee... you'll have so much fun, you'll book yourself another cruise!
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