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Hi. Lonely Planet "Morocco", suggest the website it says it's in french, but you should be able to translate it into english with help from google. Since you live in Canada, maybe you already speak french! Try this website too also in LP book. If you have never been in a medina, (the old part of a city, used to describe the old Arab parts of the modern city), I would suggest taking a guided tour through one, if you are up for adventure. They are like a maze, we got lost for over 2 hours, in a medina in another city. That was part of the fun though. There are guides at the entrances you can hire. Casablancas medina are more new, mostly from the 19th century per the LP book. On the north side of the medina, facing the port, you'll see the last remains of Casablancas 18th century fortifications, known as the Sqala, which has panoramic views over the sea. You can also go to the Hassan II mosque, but you can only enter with a guided tour. We didn't go in, we were there on a friday, and it was closed that day. There is also the Quartier Habous (Nouvelle Medina), it was built by the french in the 1930s. LP calls it "morocco lite". The other nouvelle areas in other cities we went to, were much more modern and didn't feel or look old or ancient. For a more feel of arab morocco, I would definately stick to the old medinas. It is mostly filled with shop vendors selling traditional goods/souvenirs, and food. It is definately a experience. This info was pretty much out of the Lonely Planet guidebook I used. Sorry this is long, just trying to give you info. Hope this helps. Any more questions, just ask, I'll do my best. Lil' Lori

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