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Originally posted by kclvt:
Where is a good place to stay if driving down the night before? My husband and I plan on driving from Vermont next year. Should we plan on parking in their lot or is there a motel that will let us leave our car there? Is that really safe?
I've heard good things about the La Quinta near the airport and pier. It's not cheap but clean, large rooms and convenient. I understand they offer free secure and lighted parking for cruise guests and a courtesy shuttle from the airport to the hotel and/or hotel to pier. Call to verify, promotions and policies can change, especially with gas on the rise.

Penny has more knowledge of Ft Lauderdale than anyone on cruise-chat that I know of. She's posted very good advice about other hotels in the area. You can either do a search with key words with the little magnifying glass thingy for her previous posts on the subject. Or find any of her recent posts and PM (private message) her and ask. She's a wealth of information on cruising and FLL. Maybe she'll see your post and respond.

Cheers, Neil