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Hi Billy -

Thanks for the reply and info.

We will absolutely do Le Bistro and will probably do at least two others. We love the mains though. We were on Dawn in 04 and love her...Venetian was actually our favorite just because it was so grand. Looking forward to Pearl's Summer Palace as it looks just as wonderful!

A couple of the shore excursions we're doing are also feeding us which I consider a deal since it will be local fare.

This is precisely why we went down the economical path for the stateroom so we'd have much more room in our pockets for Freestyle everything!

Speaking of the ‘two for one’ we were able to get that on Spirit in 06 in Teppanyaki which was a nice perk! I hope we’ll be able to take advantage of the same on Pearl but we won’t fret if we don’t!

Bon Voyage!

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