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We sailed with Holland last January, our second cruise with them. We were disappointed to see the liquor rules change. On Holland, you used to be able to buy liquor at the on-board duty-free and pay a 20% surcharge to take it back to your cabin - no limit! Considering how cheap it was, 20% wasn't much! All that's gone now. One thing one might consider with bringing liquor on-board, the rules don't apply to wine or champagne...I took a case through security without any problem at all. You can't take beer or any other liquor though. If your smart, you'll leave half your cloths at home and replace them with some "refreshments". We always do and have never had a problem. One other point, there is a big difference (not for the better) in sailing Holland now as to 10 years ago; all the cruise lines are out for every dollar they can get, with liquor prices and tips becoming ridiculous!